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“Older Generation Cartridge Installed” HP Error Message

We have recently been made aware of updates in Hewlett Packard software that have disabled the use of older inkjet cartridges with certain printers. The cartridges affected at present include those in the HP 364, HP 950/HP 951 and HP 301 series. Why am I getting this message? The “Older Generation Cartridge Installed” message will …

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Sumvision Cyclone Micro 4 Media Player Review

The Sumvision Cyclone Micro range of media players have a well deserved reputation of being a reliable and cost effective way of playing a variety of digital media of your TV. The Cyclone Micro 4 expands upon this adding support for Miracast, external storage of 4TB and the ability to connect it to devices on …

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How to Clear the Canon “Check Ink” 1487 or 1486 Support Codes

The “Check Ink 1487″ and “Check Ink 1486″ error messages will appear when your Canon Pixma printer detects one or more of the cartridges installed is in the incorrect position. The good news is that the printer can actually recognise the cartridge so this issue can usually be resolved with a bit of basic troubleshooting. …

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Fixing Check Ink 1682 and 1684 Canon Pixma Error Codes

The Canon Pixma ‘Check Ink 1682′ and ‘Check Ink 1684′ error message will appear when your printer is having trouble recognising one or more of the cartridges. In most cases these codes will be accompanied by text stating “The FINE cartridge cannot be recognized” or “The ink cartridge cannot be recognized.” and some representation of …

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Clearing the Canon “Check Ink” 1401, 1687 and 1485 Error Messages

When your Canon Pixma printer is having trouble recognising one or more of the cartridges installed it will present you with the Check Ink 1401, 1687 or 1485 error message. The official Canon explanations for these codes are “The FINE cartridge is not installed” for 1401, “The FINE cartridge is not installed properly” for 1687 …

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Clearing Canon Pixma Support Code B200 Error Message

The only text Canon offer in relation to the B200 support code is “A service error has occurred” and the advice offered online by them seems to suggest it relates to an obstruction within the printer. They typically advise turning off the printer checking for unwanted packaging or other debris within the printer and then …

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Canon Pixma MX395 Printer Review

The Canon Pixma MX395 is a budget printer that comes with a surprising amount of features for the price. It is an ideal solution for a home or small office that needs to do an occasional print job, but for regular use you may find slightly lacking and expensive to run. Video Review ) Features …

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How to Clear the Canon Check Ink 1686 and 1688 Error Messages

The Canon “Check Ink 1686″ and  “Check Ink 1688″ are low ink warnings used by an entire series of inkjet printers that take the PG-540, PG-540XL, CL-541 and CL-541XL ink cartridges. Canons official text used to describe the error states “The ink may have run out” (Check Ink 1686) and “The ink has run out” …

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Clearing the HP “Check Ink/Print Cartridge” Error Message

Hewlett Packard’s “Check Ink Cartridges” error message can appear in a variety of circumstances and is applicable to many different OfficeJet, Deskjet or even Envy series inkjet printers. Most commonly “Check Cartridges” or “Check Ink Cartridges” means that your HP printer simply cannot recognise the colour or black ink cartridges. Thankfully however this error message …

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Refresh Cartridges Director Arctic Expedition for Charity

Chris Arctic

This January our Director Chris Holgate will be traveling to North Sweden, just South of the Arctic Circle in order to raise money for the local palliative and end of life care charity Rowcroft Hospice. Without any modern conveniences, during this time he will be spending several nights living in a snow hole in temperatures …

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