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How to Reset Purge Counter on a Brother Printer (Without Numerical Pad)

How to Reset Purge Counter on a Brother Printer (Without Numerical Pad)

This guide should be used to clear instances of the error message ‘Machine Error 46: Unable to Clean’ that will be presented to Brother Printer users when the machine estimates that the waste ink sponge may have become full.

Due to the specific steps necessary this method of resetting a purge counter is not applicable to Brother inkjet printers that have a touchscreen or feature a numerical key pad on the front of the printer. Please ensure your printer does not have either of these before continuing to read. We have made a guide for printers with a touchscreen here and another for printers with a numerical pad here.

What is a purge counter and why do I need to reset it?

As many users will know, performing a printer head clean uses a large amount of ink.  What many don’t realise is that this ink is actually deposited in to a large sponge in the base of the printer.  Your machine will keep track of approximately how much ink has been deposited and will then cease to function at a point when it determines that sufficient ink has been deposited for the sponge to be considered full.

Ideally you would remove and replace the waste ink sponge or take the printer to a Brother Authorised Service Centre so that they could do it for you.  This is a labour intensive task however and if you were to pay a professional to do it then the cost will likely be more than the actual value of the unit.

Many users find that the printer has presented this error unnecessarily by relying on an overly cautious estimation.  As such they choose to simply reset the counter and continue printing unimpeded.  In a worst case scenario the sponge will at some point become legitimately full at which point you may get excess ink on your prints or in the base of the machine; use of the printer should then cease and it should either be disposed of or the sponge replaced.

Will this method work for my printer?

This guide is designed for resetting the error 46 or unable to clean message on practically every Brother printer that doesn’t have a numerical keypad or a touchscreen. Models that we’ve tested this reset routine on include the following:

Brother DCP-110C, DCP-115C, DCP-117C, DCP-120C, DCP-310CN, DCP-315CN, DCP-340CW, DCP-585CW, DCP-130C, DCP-135C, DCP-145C, DCP-150C, DCP-153C. DCP-157C, DCP-163C, DCP-165C, DCP-167C, DCP-195C, DCP-197C, DCP-330C, DCP-340CN, DCP-350C, DCP-365, DCP-365CN, DCP-375CW, DCP-377CW, DCP-385C, DCP-395C, DCP-540CN, DCP-560CN, DCP-6690CW, DCP-750CN, DCP-750CW, DCP-770CW, DCP-J125, DCP-J140W, DCP-J315W, DCP-J515W and DCP-J715W.

This isn’t necessarily an extensive list and it’s likely the routine will work on any printer which doesn’t have a keypad or touchscreen.  If you come across a model that it doesn’t work on or if you have any issues then please let us know so we can update this guide accordingly.

Video Guide

Reset Instructions

It should be pointed out there are some variances of the button names which can include:

  • Set / OK could be referred to as Set/OK, Set or OK.
  • Mono Start could be referred to as Mono Start, Mono or it could be a simple grey key.
  • Stop / Exit could be referred to as Stop/Exit, Stop, Exit or it could be a simple red key

To get started turn the machine on and wait for it to start up.

  1. Press the Set/OK button, then Menu, then Mono Start followed by the up arrow key four times.  These buttons have to be pressed independently and should be done in rapid succession.  If you have done this stage right you should be presented with the word ‘maintenance’.
  2. Using the Up/Down arrow keys select the number 8 and then press Set/OK.  Then select the number 0 and then press Set/OK.
  3. At this point we need to get in to the Purge option which, depending on the machine will either be a case of pressing Mono Start repeatedly or using the Up/Down arrow.  We recommend trying one method and if it isn’t right for your machine turn the printer off and back on again, start the process from the beginning then try the second method.
  4. Once PURGE is on the screen (usually the word purge will be followed by a reading indicating how much ink has been deposited) use the up/down arrows and the set/ok key again to enter the numbers 2, 7, 8 and then 3 on the screen.
  5. The number after PURGE should now reset to zero.  Press the Stop/Exit key to go back to the main maintenance mode menu.
  6. Using the up/down and SET/OK keys enter 9 and then 9 again to exit maintenance mode.

The printer should now reset and the level of ink recorded as being present in the waste ink sponge should be reset back to zero.  Any errors relating to ‘Unable to Clean’ or ‘Error 46’ should have disappeared and the printer should function as normal.

If the printer is still yielding the same error message then please try going through the routine again from the beginning.  If problems persist then please submit the issue to the Igloo Forum and we’ll attempt to tailor our advice to include your specific printer.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If however you have anything to add or any further questions please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.

About the author

Chris Holgate

Chris is the director of Refresh eCommerce and founded the company in 1999. He has worked with computers and printers all of his working life and has in-depth technical knowledge on a variety of subjects.


  1. sidhir

    And as goes for MFC990CW?

    1. RefreshCarts

      The method for a MFC-990CW is different. I have however created another guide that applies to the MFC-990CW which can be found here:

  2. arturo

    una pregunta como resetar la dcp-j125 la enciendo y me aparece absorb de tinta lleno y no encuentro la solucion de antemano les agradesco sus comentarios

    “a question as the DCP-J125 reset turn it on and I get full absorb ink and can not find the solution in advance I thank you your comments”

    1. RefreshCarts

      This method should work just fine for you DCP-J125. I would run through it again if I were you. I fear something may have simply been lost in translation.

  3. Steve Altenberg

    I have a DCP-750CW. As soon as I plug it in, even when holding the start button, I see the unable to clean 46 error message. I cannot turn the printer off with any button. If I press the red stop button I can see the page where I can select quality, enlarge, etc. I can then get the menu by selecting that button, but cannot do anything to get the maintenance page.

    Please advise.

    1. john hayes

      hello chris and everyone, i have followed your advise on the above info on "Reset Instructions" got as far as setting the purge counter back to zero but after purge was displayed there was no reading of (usually the word purge will be followed by a reading indicating how much ink has been deposited), i did however flick through the other abreviations using arrow keys but still no luck machine still has the same error messages unable to clean and unable to print with error message 50, the machine is brother dcp 150c can you let me know if there is somthing i have overlooked thanks

  4. Emma


    I follow the above instructions and reset it successfully but I still receive the same message. I have done it many times and turnt it on off etc still having same message 4f showing…

    I have the j515w model???

    Any ideas??

    1. RefreshCarts

      Could you please confirm for me that the error message you are getting is the ‘Error 46’ one?

  5. carin weeks

    this does not work with mfc-295cn brother printer !! how do i clear "clean unable 46" on this model ?

  6. Jonboy

    Have a Brother DCP-310CN that I'm trying to reset. Have pressed set/menu/mono start/up arrowx4 as instructed but it keeps just saying 'machine error 46' – no sign of 'maintenance' as expected. Have tried several times; Photo capture button/light also flashing. Any ideas how to progress

  7. emil

    I have a brother dcp 130c that i was trying to reset. Although the methodology used is very much different from the one recommended by the author, I finally found the purge screen and put in the 2783 numbers. After which I still cannot end the `maintenance mode'. I then pulled out the power cord. When the printer turned on, the machine error 46 was gone.

    Thanks for the tip.

  8. john Muir

    My printer is DCP 117C. I get as far as "Maintenance" and then the "unable to clean" appears and the photo capture button lights up. Any suggestions please. Thanks

  9. Colin

    Thanks i now have a working printer and managed to change the filter.

  10. Elena

    Anyone can help me?? I have Brother printer model DCP-340CW, and I got the message "unable to clean" , thank you!!

  11. ame5599

    thank you for video and text all was helpfull for me and solve the problem.have any help for epson stylus photo 1410 ,where i need to reset it .
    with my best wishies

  12. ena

    how about unable to init.4f??

  13. sapura

    my printer DCP-J315W has the error shows unable to init.4f..what can i do?

    1. mazlan

      same with my printer.

  14. czegs

    hi…im using DCP-385C brother…and when i turned it on today..it says unable to init. 4F…what does this mean and how can i fix the said problem

    1. RefreshCarts

      As far as I am aware 4F is a mechanical error. Unfortunately and I have no quick fix for it.

  15. jpam

    Hi! it works in my DCP-385C actually I am using a continuous ink also, thanks for your help.

  16. Seep

    Really helpful
    Worked for my DCP-340CW

  17. Alvin

    Hi! I have my DCP-J140w its always Paper Jam even it has print almost 5 lines and it stop and displays Paper Jam…. have anyone have a solution for this

  18. lllj

    thank you very much. i was in need to print my assignment that has to be handed up within an hour. my saviour!

  19. Beryl Russell

    DCP-315CN Unable to clean – see trouble shooting etc. Hit Set. Mono. Up 4 times. No menu just same message scrolling across. It was printing fine yesterday, then threw a hissy fit , churned out 20 empty pages, and since then won’t print. I lost the manual a long while ago.

    1. RefreshCarts

      Sorry to hear you have been having problems. On some of these older models I have heard that you can get the printer into maintenance mode by pressing just Menu & Mono on the printer before UP four times. I have been unable to get my hands on a printer to try it and am unsure whether Menu & Mono should be pressed sequentially or at the same time.

      If you are able to get your printer into maintenance mode using this method please let me know so I can amend this guide for others. Thanks.

  20. Niran

    My MFC-6490CW alway says "No Cartridge".
    How can I solve this?

    1. RefreshCarts

      This would be down to a sensor error inside the printer. No quick fix that I am aware of sadly. I would recommend contacting Brother or a printer technician.

  21. Roy

    Brother printer DCP-110c – “unable to clean” message
    reset my brother printer 110c – “error 46”

    1. pull out the AC mains plug
    2. whilst holding down the “menu” button, push the AC mains plug back in
    3. MAINTENANCE mode and “error 46” appears on the display
    4. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “8” then press SET
    5. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “0” then press SET
    6. 00:00 00:01 OK is displayed
    7. press the MONO button 24 times until you see PURGE: xxxxx
    8. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “2” then press SET
    9. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “7” then press SET
    10. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “8” then press SET
    11. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “3” then press SET
    12. the purge counter displays: purge: 00000
    13. switch off the printer, and then switch it on
    14. the printer is now ready to print

    1. paula

      worked for me thank you for this. I contacted Brother priinters yesterday – took them 45 mins to finally have a human techi voice tell me to bin the printer as it costs more to replace/repair the sponge than to buy a new one! You way works great, cheers. Paula

    2. Mike

      This worked for me on my dcp315 cn.

    3. Dirk

      Thanks so much Roy, now the machine works again. Regards Dirk

    4. helen

      Thank you for these simple to follow steps, My printer has been out of action for weeks and today I reset it. My printer is a DCP 340 CW

      Thank you 🙂

    5. vivian

      hi, if the error still appear after i reset for for 3times what should i do instead?

      1. RefreshCarts

        This method should always clear 'Machine Error 46: Unable to Clean'. Could you please confirm for me the exact message you are receiving?

    6. Jack London

      Dear Roy Just used your procedure for error46 on my DCP-117c with success. Many thanks, Jack London,Frodsham

    7. Simon

      Hurrah!!!! did this operation onDCP 310CN and hey presto Iam back in action .Cheers pal!!!

    8. Francois

      It works for my Brother DCP-315 CN – "Error 46"

    9. Stephen

      Thank you ,this has saved us a great deal of trouble and cost

      1. Stephen

        forgot to mention in my excitement it was for the DCP-150C

    10. Alam

      Nice One

    11. MMTHOMAS

      I got all the way to purge 00000 but could not switch off the printer with the on/off button? Help?

    12. MMTHOMAS

      I used this method with my Brother DCP-110C. I could not complete step 13 (machine would not turn off) however, after unplugging from the power source it went on, went through the cleaning process and is working!!!! Thank you!

    13. Knut

      Hi Roy.

      Obs, works on DCP- 117C as well. !! 🙂
      Thank you – your checklist helped me out, and I have been working with this for weeks!
      I am 76, and this accurate and presice approach was just what I needed.

      Knut H in Bergen, Norway.

    14. Mark

      Roy – this worked on my DCP-120C when the 120C instructions did not. i must have an older model. Thanks tons.

    15. p.lees

      It took me a while and a few attempts, but ultimately by following your instructions, my Brother DPC-120 is now function

      ing perfectly. Thank you so much.

    16. rajender

      thanks it worked.

    17. Tammy

      Supper star. I tried the original method and no joy. Just tried your method and it worked 1st. Thanks, I was tearing my hair out.

    18. Brenda

      Good for me, thanks

  22. tommy

    is not help one my dcp-165c 🙁

  23. franco

    FINE and CLEAR – good, thanks

  24. Emilia Vincent

    THANK YOU!!! 😀

  25. Debbie

    Genius! Thank u 🙂

  26. anil

    i have purchased dcp 195c it is showing maintenance46 error

  27. Mariam

    Works for the DCP-115C!
    The photo capture button started blinking in step one, I just pressed the 'arrow up' once more and an arrow appeared on the display instead of the word 'Maintenance'… just continue to push arrows up to 8.
    In step three the 'Mono' button worked.
    Thank you!!!

  28. Margaret

    I can get to the Maintenance message, but cannot bring up PURGE

  29. Ace de Barbier

    Hi I have a DCP-310N and tried your method to clear the UNABLE TO CLEAN. The PURGE counter was set to 00000 and after exiting when I switched on the error came back. I retried the same the thing . The purge counter read 0000 but on exiting and switching back on, the same error 46 appeared. I also noticed that PHOT CAPTURE light kept on blinking.

    Can you please help me?

    1. Jordy

      need to unplug power cable then replug in

  30. degsy

    works great with my dcp117c

  31. Karsten

    My purge counter is now reset to 0000. Instead I get the Unable to Initi error. Any way to solve this?

  32. Linda

    Thank you!!! (DCP-120C Model) After some trial and error, I finally got it. It helped me to pause your video after each step. My confusion came in after step one and hitting arrow up four times. I finally realized that after hitting arrow up four times I had to immediately arrow up to 8 hit set, then arrow up to 0 and hit set . Thank you again!!

  33. angnima sherpa

    i purchase the brother printer dcp-j125 three month ago now it sows the problem unable to clean52.
    how to solve the problem unable to clean 52?

  34. pradeep

    hi i have DCP-j125. i have tried above method it was cleared for a while after sometime when i start printing automatically machine starts to cleaning and again displays the same message "unable to clean 50".
    please help me..

  35. Ian

    worked on m dcp540 thanks roy

  36. Julie

    Help im getting error 35 unable to clean , followed as instructed but tyhe purge is not coming up ???/

  37. Rosma

    Hi Chris Holgate, you are awesome! It worked! Thank you and God bless you.

  38. Hugh Forsyth

    Hello I have a DCP135C and i kept getting the error 46 ,however after a few attempts with your method success was achieved .Many thanks for your instructions . I cannot believe any manufacturerer could make anything so downright complicated to solve . Once again thanks for the solution .
    Cheers ,Hugh

  39. Andy

    Thanks for the info. worked as you said on my Brother DCP145C

  40. neil

    my dcp110c wont work I can get to maintenance but cant change digit to 8 with up or down buttons tried all other buttons but non go to 8

  41. wendy

    I have a DCP-130C printer and it has been jammed for weeks waiting for son to come and sort it for me. just thought I'd have a go myself not knowing much about printers and at 71years old looked up your web site and followed your instructions . Absolutely marvellous and now working. Thank you so much.

  42. Troy

    I have a MFC DCP-330c could you help me thanks

  43. Troy

    Could you help me I have a MFC DCP-330c the given me a error unable to clean 51

  44. paul

    I've got a dcp 117c – trying this routine sometimes gets me as far as mainteance but never to purge. usually when pressing set/menu/mono start then the 4 up button it takes me back to error message and the 'photo capture' button starts flashing

  45. paul

    that's funny I leave a message here then next time I try it works, magic 🙂

  46. Nuno (from Portugal)

    @ Roy

    Thanks. It worked like a charm for my dcp-135C. Ready to roll again!

    @ Chris
    Your instructions didn't work for my dcp-135C, because after turning it on it displayed right away the error and not the initial message (100% normal 01), blocking the use of any button. I don't know why,
    Had to use Chris instructions but thanks anyway for the useful topic that should work for other models/situations.

  47. Nikki

    thank you. works great with my dcp-115c. 🙂

  48. Robert purnell

    Bloody Marvelous, worked great, a shop wanted £25 just to look.

    Robert Purnell

  49. Paulojorge35

    Tenho uma Brother DCP 115 C o problema que aparece é – Machine Error 4F , ja fiz i reset e continua .

    (I have a Brother DCP 115 C appears that the problem is – Machine Error 4F, i already did reset and continues.)

  50. Linda

    THANKYOU SO MUCH!I have a DCP-315CN and followed your instructions for error-46 and worked perfectly. Has bee n out of use for 2 days and started to look at prices for new ones as have had this printer for years and has been brilliant so am thrilled.Thankyou for your time and trouble to post these Roy.

  51. kay

    HI cant seem to get it to work with my DCP54-CN?

    1. RefreshCarts

      I am unfamiliar with this model. Could you please double check the model number of your printer? Assuming it is a DCP-540CN this guide should reset the purge counter just fine, as I have confirmed it personally.

  52. Damien

    Absolute Genius, worked perfectly on my DCP115C. I spent ages talking in "Chat" to a company analyst only to be told to remove and re-install the Printer Drivers. Thanks so much.

  53. Gussman

    Impressive!!! Easy-to-follow explanation. My DCP-340CW is back to work thanks to you. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot!!!!

  54. Aditya

    I have a j140 w machine, after following these steps the purge turned to 0000 but the error is still coming

    1. RefreshCarts

      What error message are you getting? Is it definitely 'Machine Error 46: Unable to Clean'?

  55. youssi

    hi i have bought a new cartridge for my printer DCP-330C and i change them but it doesnt print collar anymore??? thecartridge i bought are not original !!!!!!! CAN U PLZ HELP

    1. RefreshCarts

      I can only advise running several cleaning cycles from the printer to try and pull the colour in question through or at the very least improve print quality. If this doesn't help I would recommend replacing the cartridge. However these cartridges are very simple in their construction and defective cartridges are very rare.

      If the problem persists the issue is almost certainly with a severely dried, blocked or non-functioning printhead. This can be an expensive part for a technician to replace and a new printer is usually more recommendable.

  56. jim

    Worked for me on my DCP 115C after trying several other methods,thanks best regards jim

    1. jim


  57. shatrughan.gupta

    black print nahi aa rha hai

  58. Vivian

    hi Chris,
    i already reset the purge to 00000, but when i follow step 5.Press the Stop/Exit key to go back to the main maintenance mode menu. it seem that instead of maintanance wording, the error unable to print 4F appear and i cannot proceed the next step, can you help me. tq.

    1. RefreshCarts

      Machine error 4F indicates a mechanical error and resetting the purge counter will not clear it. This error is also sometimes accompanied by 'Unable to Initialize' and usually relates to a printhead error in my experience.

  59. Binod

    i have dcp-6690cw. erro message is "unable to init 50" and "error 46" please tell me how can i solve it.

  60. Alessio

    DCP 6690 CW error 49 help!

    1. RefreshCarts

      According to Brother error 49 means 'The internal temperature is too low'. The only advice they offer officially it "Unplug the machine from the AC outlet and if possible warm the room where the machine is located". I hope this helps.

  61. Fran

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  62. apotski

    Im using a dcp-330c and the problem is its showing on the lcd unable to clean 51. Please help me how to fix it. Thank you very much.

  63. apotski

    i have a dcp-330c it said unable to clean 51. How to fix it? I followed the intsruction. Still nothing happend except for 0000 counters of purge. How to reboot a dcp-330c? Kindly help me please. Thank you very much.

  64. JESS

    the purge was turn into zero but black wont still print.. black ink prints when you directly print the picture..but when it coe to ms word, excel or any ms's it wont print black in good quality..PLEASE HELP!

    1. RefreshCarts

      This purge counter reset will not improve any print quality issues. If your printer is even attempting to print there is definitely no need to be worrying about purge counters etc. I would recommend simply performing some cleaning cycles from your Brother printer.

  65. john cain

    dcp 120c now working perfectly – thanks very much.
    maintenance did not show at the start but instructions were crystal clear.

  66. Juan Carlos

    Good afternoon, I have a dcp-4f j315w failed. I tried your solution, but when I get to see purge the indicated number is 00000. Although I try to follow the process, keeping the screen itself, the text “Error 4f Unable to Initialise” appears.

  67. Peter Kenny

    My DCP340CW showed 'unable to clean' and would not do anything. I followed the instructions (with a few blind alleys – it did not show the word 'maintenance' at the end of step 1, but I followed with step 2 anyway), got the purge count reset to zero and a test print has just come up perfect.
    I'm still contemplating replacing the sponges – if they are still available – but at least I now have time to think about it. Maybe the machine is due for its pension soon; it must be 7 or 8 years old, and a new Brother all-in-one would be able to scan double-sided. When I have used up my stock of cartridges I shall think about it.
    Anyway, I now have a working printer, so many thanks.

  68. Peter Kenny

    My DCP340CW showed 'unable to clean' and would not do anything. I followed the instructions (with a few blind alleys – it did not show the word 'maintenance' at the end of step 1, but I followed with step 2 anyway), got the purge count reset to zero and a test print has just come up perfect. Should I still consider replacing the sponges? Anyway, thanks for the help.

  69. Jewn

    hello i have a DCP-J725DW the touchscreen is not working. is there a software tool that can control the printer settings?

  70. john

    I have a brother dcn-315cn printer that, having followed the instructions above, absolutely REFUSES to reset the figures to zero and REFUSES to let me clear the "unable to clean" message.

    please can you help???

  71. Bob Newman

    I have a DCP-310CN copier. A sheet of paper got Jamed. I feel I got it out ok ,I can't see any sign of any paper but It won't eliminate the message 'Paper Jamed remove paper' so it will not work.
    Can you help?

    Bob Newman

  72. Jayson Reymundodia

    i have a brother MFC – J220 appearing error ( ink absorber full ) i just followed your instruction and it works….! thanks to you mr. chris holgate…!

  73. Mark

    hello my brother dcp-J315W is coming up with 'unable to print 4F and I have not been able to work out what to do. Do you have a solution? best wishes and thank you for your time. Mark

    1. RefreshCarts

      Machine error 4F indicates a mechanical error and resetting the purge counter will not clear it. This error is also sometimes accompanied by 'Unable to Initialize' and usually relates to a printhead error in my experience. Sadly I can only recommend contacting Brother or a printer technician.

  74. nhar bayalan

    hi my printer model is dcp-350c…the problem is unable to clean 46..i follow the instruction shown in your demo..i try many times but still unable to clean 46..pls help me…thanks…

  75. S.W,

    Hi Chris, I did the purge twice on my Brother DCP-350C. It did bring the purge number to all zeros the first time. The second time it was already reading all zeros. The error message is still "Unable to Init. 4F". Thanks for any help you can give.

    1. RefreshCarts

      Unable to Initialize 4F indicates a mechanical error and resetting the purge counter will not clear it. This error usually relates to a printhead error in my experience. Sadly I can only recommend contacting Brother or a printer technician.

      1. S.W,

        Thanks for getting back to me. Your timely response is impressive.

  76. Simon

    worked a treat on my DCP310 CN thanks

  77. Blog Commenting

    I was looking for something like this blog When is enough enough, Thank you for posting the great content…

  78. Maxine

    I've tried this several times with my Brother DCP-135C and it's not working. After the first 4 clicks on the 'up arrow' I still have the original message about error 46 and troubleshooting 🙁 Any ideas? Thanks

    1. carly

      I have the same thing

    2. marta

      i have the same….looks it doesný work on dcp 135c….pitty

  79. guest

    Hi everybody, i have a brother DCP-J132W. The message is : detection impossible after replacing cyan cartridge with a compatible one. The printer is out and does nothing anymore, always wanting cyan to be changed. I did the same procedure 10 times without success.

  80. Syed

    Thanks very much it worked out perfectly,
    thanks again

  81. Syed

    Sorry not to mention the model # its DCP-130C

  82. Pawan

    MFC 290c problem is unable to clean 50 error Please Reply the solution

  83. Kim

    Hi all, I have a brother dcp 115c and have reset purge to 0 but I still have the red exclamation flashing and same message unable to clean, can anyone help with any ideas please? Many thanks!

    1. Caryl

      Hi Kim. I have exactly the same problem except mine is a DCP-330c. Just wondering if anyone has been able to help you fix the problem yet.

  84. michelle

    hi I have brother dcp-j132w and its new I am traying to instal but on the printer shown ! kepp flashing and its telling me cannot detect magenta ink renstall slowly can some one helps me pls tks

  85. Wcharles

    Works great for DCP-310cn "Unable to print" message

  86. Lee TP

    hello my brother dcp-J315W is coming up with 'unable to init. 4F and I have not been able to work out what to do. Do you have a solution? best wishes and thank you for your time. Lee

    1. RefreshCarts

      Unable to Initialize 4F indicates a mechanical error. This error usually relates to a printhead error in my experience. Sadly I can only recommend contacting Brother or a printer technician.

  87. Mktggurl1

    I have a Brother DCP-110C & have gone through all the steps to clear Error 46; however, I cannot get PURGE to show up on my display when clicking the up/down arrows 25 times. The message that I see says "00:00 23:29 OK" – very frustrating — help please???

  88. Audrey

    I have a brother J140 W i followed your instructions to clear purge full ink box and it worked,I thought great,But now when i print the black ink goes into the yellow when I do a test I have 2 black i cyan i magenta thern i do a clean,get a perfect test print again and the same has happened,2 black,1 cyan 1magenta,.please what have i done ?

  89. El Hadj Mbow

    I have brother MFC 210c after doing those steps it says machine error AF please help

  90. Aubrey Marsden

    Well done! this solution worked perfectly on my DCP-115C. Thanks very much- I was about to buy a new printer!

  91. ghazwan

    i hava problem of brother DCP-J125 it’s shown massage after the purge counter resetting “Machine error.4f” how can i solve this problem


      There is a problem on the print head.

    2. khaled

      DCP-J315 "unable to Init. 4F

  92. sunny

    thnx sir 100 times..

  93. Santos

    I have a DCP 349cw Printer With Error "machine error 46" already called for assistance but can not enter the "maintainer" menu. I ask for help

  94. Fabio

    MY printer is DCP-197C and display error 4F

  95. INNO

    hi Chris



  96. Nasir

    machine error 50?

    1. 00201277289325

      Clear the paper jam. If the problem still continues after clearing the paper jam, try to clean the encoder strip behind the printer head

  97. Sham


    I have a DCP-J315W and have re-filled all ink cartridges and cleaned them and the area they click into but the printer is no longer detecting black cartridge even if I click it in very slowly.

    Please can you help. Many thanks

  98. Cristian

    I have dcp 165 c. I make all the process of purgue and its successfull the counter is 0000 but the error 50 persist. Help me please

  99. jason

    hi i have brother dcp-185c my black cartridge cant detect,.but i did not already change the cartridge after the pwer short the unit cant detect the black ink cartridge..

  100. Maria

    FANTASTIC !!!!! THANKS a MILLION – you just saved me a lot of Money!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Grzabek

    For DCP-J4110dw series printer you have to press "home" button for aprox 7-9 sec, than you will see a black screen devided by four (press the blank button for 3-4 second) than enter the passcode (*2864) you will hear a validation noise. Next type 80, after that go to 4th write menu and press "mono" button several times and you will see a "purge xxxx" counter. than go back to nuber pad and write 2783. and this will restart your purge container 😉

  102. carly

    hi I've tired what you have said and nothing has happened my printer is dcp-135c and just re-filled my cartridges and did the quality check and all are fine apart from my yellow cartridge got a replacement but still the same thing please help

  103. Roger

    Hello, I've got a Brother DCP 330C which won't load paper anymore. It still tries loading the paper and some drums are actually revolving, but the drum rolls that fetch the paper from the tray don't move at all. Is this a known issue with a fix or does it mean I will have to buy a new printer?
    Any help is much appreciated.

  104. Diane

    Hi i have a brother DCP 150C and the yellow ink is not printing even though i have replaced the cartridge.please help

    1. RefreshCarts

      Print quality issues with this machine can usually be resolved (or at least improved) by performing 1-3 cleaning cycles from your printer/printer software. If this does not help contact Brother/a printer technician.

      This issue will either be a simple blockage of your printhead or a mechanical issue with the same.

  105. JUDY

    how to purge MFC 420CN PRINTER

  106. nati

    Hi, i hava a dcp j132p and i getting a 'paper jam' message.
    I take the paper off – and still the message apears.
    I take out the machine from the power cable and put it on again and still the message apears!!!!
    Need your help – there is none paper jamed in the machine.

  107. nigel

    Hi Chris – fantastic instructions on resolving the unable to clean error message on my DCP340CW.

    Grateful thanks for the advice. I have bookmarked your site for ink requirements.

    Thanks again.

  108. Sudam Pendhare

    i have reset brother dcp-j125 printer PURGE but it is showing cant clean

    1. sheen

      hi do you found the solution yet? cz i have the same problem

  109. Nicole

    Hi, I have a dcp 375cw – the purge worked, now reset to 0000 but same error message persists: unable to print 4f. What else can I do please?

  110. caz

    I have a brother MFCJ615W with an error message 'Unable to Init. 4F' ……….any help?? I have already reset the purge counter

  111. Fana

    it works…!!!!! Thanks a lot……

  112. Robert

    Hello , I have a Brothers MFC 440cn it comes back with "Unable to Clean 51". I have looked up error and was a mechanical problem but after taking apart, unable to find problem. I had put back together tried it and it printed a test page, so I put it back on line and the same thing "Unable to Clean 51". I had just got a case of ink for the unit not long agao and though that I might buy another printer that uses the same ink, but no luck in that. any help would be grateful. Thank you fro your time.
    Robert KB3LNN

  113. d.williams.

    i have a brother dcp 350c and your instructions for purge on the dcp 110c (error 46 ) seems to have worked for me.

    thank you. d.williams( very grateful. !)

  114. anne

    my printer DCP-J100 was already been reset ,purge 00000 but still there is a pup message saying (INKBOX FULL) i already reset it many times but its still the same. what should i do, please help…

  115. Captain294

    I have a DCP-165C showing a Print unable 4F error message. I have tried to purge but this did not remove the message.
    Is there anything else I can try?

    1. RefreshCarts

      Error 4F is a mechanical error. This error usually relates to a printhead error in my experience. Sadly I can only recommend contacting Brother or a printer technician.

      1. 00201277289325

        There is a problem on the print head.



  117. Caryl

    My DCP330C has the red ! light flashing and the screen is showing unable to Clean 46.
    I have tried to follow the instructions to reset given for printers that do not have a touch screen or numeric pad.
    It said to press OK, Menu Mono Start and then press the upward arrow 4 times however it will not let me do any of these actions. Can someone advise me of what to do please?

  118. Goodie Aguilar

    can help me how to resette DCP J100? Thanks

    1. EZZAT / EGYPT

      1. pull out the AC mains plug
      2. whilst holding down the “menu” button, push the AC mains plug back in
      3. MAINTENANCE mode and “error 46” appears on the display
      4. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “8” then press SET
      5. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “0” then press SET
      6. 00:00 00:01 OK is displayed
      7. press the MONO button 24 times until you see PURGE: xxxxx
      8. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “2” then press SET
      9. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “7” then press SET
      10. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “8” then press SET
      11. use the +/UP arrow button repeatedly until it says “3” then press SET
      12. the purge counter displays: purge: 00000
      13. switch off the printer, and then switch it on
      14. the printer is now ready to print

  119. rodrigo

    my printer and dcp-J125 message can not imprimir4f how to solve it

  120. Brett

    Hi. I have a brother dcp-130c, I had an error init unable 4f, checked the usual, found one of my ink cartridges had leaked everywhere. Being pretty handy I was confident enough to dismantle the machine to clean. Not a very complicated task, I eventually got everything clean even the (2) sponge containers which were pretty full. Now screen shows paper jam after its self test, and a noise from I think the toothed belt jumping teeth noise. I think something is either not set up correctly or needs to be timed. Is there a procedure for timing all the gears after having it apart? Can you help me please.

  121. Jozee

    Brilliant! Problem sorted. Thank you

  122. ghassen

    i have the same problem but in brother dcp-j140w but this solution doesn't work with my printer 🙁 please solution

  123. Richard

    I have a J715w and I'm stuck at the purge option, help!

  124. brahim

    please i need help i have err 48 machine brother dcp -j315

    1. keshab

      head problem

  125. shantanu

    my printer is dcp j140w it is showing in the lcd as in it unsble 5a need trouble shooting and routine maintenance see user guide, please help me to solve this problem printer is not printing ……… pls help

  126. Eva

    it worked thank you!

  127. Jean

    I have a Brother 120C and I did just about everything to remove the flashing mark and error message. I was about to give up when I had one more go and realized you have to persevere. If at first you don't succeed……. Switch off at the mains when it says 'switch off' not on the printer and follow this to the letter. I now have a normal printer which works! Thank you.

  128. Alessio

    I have errore 4F with DCP-J715W… I'll try to reset purge and works, but error persist! Help me!

  129. kamal

    4f /4b error belongs to printer head. in this case printer head need to replace

  130. John Allan

    How do we fix Error 4F on Brother DCP375CW? It's the print head. Any ideas?

    1. John Allan

      I note the same error on the above comment by Nicole.

  131. Dennis Thompson

    Thank you for your help , I followed the easy instructions that you have printed above and cleared my problem! Thanks very much !

  132. Ellie

    hello. i just want to ask for clarification. Is there a limit counter for printing in Brother J100 printer? If i reset the purge counter will it resets the toital print count? Or these two are the same?
    I know some brand like Epson Printer it has a print limit counter. For instance the Epson L210, it has a print counter limit of 6000. If you reach that count, the printer will stop working. You need to reset that counter so that the printer will work again. So i just want to clarify if purge counter is same as print counter or are they two different procedures?

  133. nazira

    I have a brother dcp 340 cw and I have followed all the steps several times but it still comes up with the same message.
    However, when I do the first stage which is to press set, menu and mono the word maintenance does not come up but I still followed with the rest of the instructions and then at the end, its the same. Please help

    1. Martin

      With some printers without a numrical pad it seems to work only if you're following the instructions of the "with numerical pad" guide, though.

      I tried this with a DCP-350C and it worked. Just use the arrow keys instead of the numerical pad to type in numbers.

      Good Luck!

  134. Tony

    Hi ! i followed your instruction and everthing worked fine ! Thanks !
    I've a question ! have i to replace or wash the waste sponge after that ?
    i've a brother dcp-340cw !

  135. KL Mak

    My printer is Borther MFC-J2510. I have the message Ink Absorber Full on the screen that disable me to print. Is there any setting that I can do to reset it? Thanks

  136. Dantha Samarasinghe

    My Brother Printer MFC-J415W always give error message "Unable to print 4F" See trouble shooting in User's Guide. PLs
    advice me how I can correct this problem.

  137. Trudy Jorgensen

    Hi Dantha I also have the same problem with the same model. If there is anyone thAt can help us fix this it would be greatly appreciated.

  138. Alex Maya

    Found the fix for the dcp-330c

    Press stop to clear the error message.

    Press menu, then black start, then up arrow 4 times.

    That enters maintenance mode. Then the rest of the instructions normally. Hope it helps!


    1. maria

      hi alex.. i just want to say thank you..
      i was starting to go mad cause i couldnt get the instructions to work..

      i just fixed my dcp 330c printer with your help


  139. soft

    hi i have brother priter when i print it wil display (unable to clean 50 model no :DCP 560 CN pls give me a solution thankz

  140. Chelle Sainsbury

    Hi, I have a brother DCP-J140W, I have followed the instructions above however orange exclamation mark is still flashing and printer is still telling me the Ink box is full, how do I clear this to be able to print ?

  141. Janet

    Thank you, with a lot of perseverance I managed to get printing again with my DCP 340CW.

  142. Guy

    Hi There, followed the instructions, purge reset to 0000, now says cannot clear f4??

    Any other ideas please, thanks

  143. Sharefe

    I have a dcp 115c getting an error 50 and unable to initiate

    Have cleaned the head

    add new ink cartridges

    Took bubble out from ink line

    Checked all ribbons are connected

    Did purge reset and all other counters

    Have come out of maintenance by 99 code

    Unplugged machine for hrs and restarted

    Can I now put it into the bin?

    1. hans

      yes sir…

  144. Ali

    Brother DCP – 375CW

    Done Demo Twice

    Still Appears Message: Init Unable 4F

    Can You Please Advise ?

    1. RefreshCarts

      Error 4F indicates a mechanical error and resetting the purge counter will not clear it. This error is also sometimes accompanied by 'Unable to Initialize' and usually relates to a printhead error in my experience. Sadly I can only recommend contacting Brother or a printer technician.

  145. kerry


    I have done this serval times on the Printer but the same messages keeps coming up.
    My Printer is aDCP-J125

  146. hkohler

    Hi. I have DCP-117C and error code 46. Done the procedure several times. It seems going well and I get PURGE 00000, but in the end there is error message cleaner not ok.

  147. Med

    I have tried everything you said for myDCP770CW printer but error 46 still on nothing moving 2 hours later fed up help

  148. dannyma

    Hi Chris Sir, Thank you very much ! My inkjet printer is Brother DCP J125, use bypass external ink, it's suddenly can't print, found the orange colored ink mark non-stop flashing on the printer panel, I try to press all the Key, just only can get into the "Maintenance" menu screen can't fix the problem without your Function Code. Your REFRESH CARTRIDGE video is very helpful for many Brother Printer Users. Thanks for your kindly help ! after re-install all the ink cartridges and clean, printer fault is rectified.
    Danny Ma

  149. Bryan

    Hi – I have a DCP-350C – I have followed your steps to get to the maintenance screen but it is not happening – I have tried it fast – slow and sure but no joy – please can you kindly help?

    1. Natasha

      Hey did you get your printer fixed as my doing the same thing and I don't know what to do?

  150. Anna

    I followed all your steps then it works for my DCP-J100.Thank you so much

  151. John

    Hi there, wonderful advice you give! We have a DCP110C and followed reset instructions until Step 13 to switch off, then on. But nothing happened! Any suggestions?

  152. attiurbutt

    i have brother DCP-j4110DW
    does anyone can help with resetting the purge counter?

  153. dave goode

    dave HOW DO i SEE YOUR REPLY MY EMAIL IS goode.dave@xtra.co.nz

  154. 123problem

    I have tried what you suggested on my DCP-J315W, but I am still getting the "Unable to Init. 4F" message. Have you any other ideas please.

    1. RefreshCarts

      Error 4F indicates a mechanical error and resetting the purge counter will not clear it. Sadly I can only recommend contacting Brother or a printer technician.

  155. Sandra

    Took some time to get it right but its corrected itself and now working DCP-750CW. Thank you Sandra

  156. ghazali

    the screen show "unable to print 4f, how to solve the problem. tq

  157. WALDO

    thank you sir! a big help..

  158. Lizzie Hughes

    Thank you very much

  159. Anastasia

    I have a mfc 440cn It says unable to clean 50

  160. leslie

    unable to print4f brother mfcj220


    thanks for helping a group of people .you saved the cost of going to the mechanic.

  162. adaline

    I have a DCP-J315W brother printer. How can I fix a print error 4f.


    How would i over come the problem of INK BOX FULL In my printer DCP 105 , please assist. thank you..

  164. fabiano

    Hello my printer and Brother DCP-J 125 and displays the error Codico “can not start AF” How to solve?

  165. Carolynne

    Hi, I'm trying to fix machine error 46. Following all the steps I get to 'maintenance' and it has a '2' next to it. I keep going and instead of getting to 'purge' it shows 'insert card'. Not sure what I should do.

  166. sarada

    MFC J-430W brother printer purge counter showing 0000 but still showing ink absorber full

  167. saradaa

    brother printer purge counter showing 0000 but still showing ink absorber full model MFC J430w

  168. Christopher Dianzon

    how nice..very usefull… do you know how to deep clean..dcp t300?

    1. manish kumar

      going to maintance mode and type 76 than mono

    2. Christopher Dianzon

      i can't go to maintenance…show me how to go to maintenance

    3. Christopher Dianzon

      i can't go to maintenance…show me how to go to maintenance…..is there certain code to deep clean color only or black only? thanks by the way…I got it

  169. Rakesh Sen

    The scan and copy is too poor but print quality from computer is good and ok.
    How to fix this problem.


    i have brother DCP-J 140W , I got the "maintenance 10" option by pressing mono and menu for 2 times.

    However I could not find Maintenance 8 to proceed further. please help me to the purge counter?

  171. johntboy

    I have followed the instructions and my purge count is now 0000.
    But I am still getting the "unable to clean" error message.
    I have a Brother DCP110C printer copier.

  172. Amanda Wheeler

    I've tried this over and over and it doesnt work? I have a DCP 115c. All the stages work until when I have to press the stop key and it just beeps at me and same error code comes up? Please can you assist? Many thanks

  173. Manish

    not helpful ink box full message does not vanish please help!!!!!!!!!

  174. A. Tabarani

    hi i have a DCP-J315W I followed steps and reset purge yet still the error 4F un able to print persists to show after several attmpts any suggestions please?

  175. J.-C.

    Very helpful for my Brother DCP-585-CW.

  176. yassin

    i have brother DCP-j132W
    does anyone can help with resetting the purge counter?

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