Toner Cartridges

We stock a huge selection of remanufactured and original toner cartridges which are designed for a wide range of laser printers. Please select the brand of your specific printer from the list below in order to get started.

A laser printer for many is a sizable and essential investment. Because of this the quality of the consumables that you choose is incredibly important, whether you decide to stick with the manufacturers' original cartridge or a try out a cheaper recycled unit.

Refresh Cartridges offer a fanatical level of support on every product that we sell and this extends to a 100% guarantee on the quality and compatibility of the cartridge that we send you. If you have any problems whatsoever with a toner cartridge that we have supplied then we will to help you every step of the way including diagnosis and troubleshooting on the actual printer itself if necessary.

Our remanufactured toner cartridges undergo an extensive refurbishment process which includes replacing any parts of the cartridge that are considered to have a single use lifespan (such as the drum and wiper blades) along with any other parts that are deemed to have become worn. The toner our manufacturers use is an incredibly close match to the toner used in the original cartridges and as such we believe the print quality to be directly comparable.

Each and every product that we stock has been individually tested, either by the original equipment manufacturer or in the case of a remanufactured cartridge, by the recycling company.

We have such confidence in our products that we offer all our customers the use of a Freephone helpline, a full one year guarantee and a free courier collection of any toner that is misbehaving. Of course we wouldn't be able to offer this kind of service if we stocked a poor quality of product.

Our extensive range of toner cartridges includes units suitable for practically every laser printer produced over the last two to three decades. In the unlikely event that we don't list your particular toner cartridge or laser printer please don't hesitate to get in contact as chances are that we'll be able to source it.